HDC Tow Pro Jet – TRHDCJ/VB8035HG

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Trailer Features

• 500′ x 3/8″ or 350′ x 1/2″ capacity
electric high pressure hose reel
• Chemical resistant coating
• 200 gallon water tank w/ float valve
• Poly tool box
• Lights, jack w/ wheel, & safety chains
• Fully tested and assembled in the USA
• HD trailer (forkliftable) 3500# capacity
axle, 135″L x 82″W x 60″H
• Aluminum fenders,15″ wheels/tires,
external grease fittings.

Skid Features

• Rugged powder coated steel frame
• On board 12 gallon poly fuel tank-
Non-Carb Evaporative Compliant –
Not for sale to California – See
options below for California
compliant upgrade
• Full sized battery w/ marine battery box
• Commercial/Industrial gasoline
• Engine and pump oil drains offer
easy maintenance
• Polychain or V-belt drive
• Pressure regulating unloader
• Pump Mounted Jetter Pulse Valve
• Foot Valve w/ 8′ Jumper Hoses
• 6-Nozzle Rack w/ 3 Nozzles Included:
Penetrator – dislodges blockage
(1 Forward Jet, 3 Back Jets)
Flusher – flushes loose debris
(6 Back Jets)
De-icer/De-Greaser – removes grease,
hard soap or even ice from heavily
blocked lines (3 Forward Angle Jets,
6 Back Jets)

Jetter Hose Options

PRO06200S36003/8˝ X 200´Black3/8˝ MPT**$455.00
PRO06250S36003/8˝ X 250´Black3/8˝ MPT**$539.00
PRO06300S36003/8˝ X 300´Black3/8˝ MPT**$610.00
*PRO08200S40001/2˝ X 200´Green1/2˝ MPT**$743.00
*PRO08250S40001/2˝ X 250´Green1/2˝ MPT**$815.00
*PRO08300S40001/2˝ X 300´Green1/2˝ MPT**$961.00
*1/2˝ hose available with these models only. **Inlet = MPT Solid/Outlet = MPT Swivel


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