Pro-ATV Series – RCS/E3027HA-TF*

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  • Gun/wand assembly with insulated grip and quick connects
  • 50′ high pressure hose w/quick connects
  • Chemical injector assembly w/ quick connects
  • 4 color-coded QC spray nozzles
  • 1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle

Kit Includes

AST050-GATORAssembly Skid/Tank, 50 Gallon, Inlet Plumbing$749.00
CST050-GATORAssy. Chem. Skid/Tank, 50 Gal., w/ Inlet Plumbing & Bypass$786.00


KBP100Tank Feed Unloader Bypass Return & Hose Assy.
(CST050-GATOR already has Bypass)
266693Ag. Spray Gun, compare to JD9$171.00
4465-1702Ag. Hose, 3/8″, Yellow, Select 200’ or 400’
(Price is per foot)
KTF100Float Valve Assembly – (shuts water off when tank is full)$120.00
KTD075Tank Drain, 3/4″$81.00
LWS100Low Water Shutdown – (shuts engine off when water level is low)$194.00


AHR100-1GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 100′ x 3/8″ maximum$134.00
AHR200-1GP Hose Reel with Hardware, 200′ x 3/8″ maximum$177.00
AHR250-1Hosetract Hose Reel w/ Hardware, 250′ x 3/8″ max.(High Pressure Jumper Hose)$339.00
AHR250-GHosetract Hose Reel w/ Hardware, 250′ x 3/8″ max.(Yellow AG Jumper Hose)$335.00
AHR250-3Titan S.S. Hose Reel with Hardware, 250′ x 3/8″ maximum$691.00


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